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General Info

DreamPath is an advanced authoring system and a reader of Gamebooks where the game is dynamic and the player chooses his own way (IF/CYOA type)

DreamPath Composer is the authoring system. It provides robust features for making more than just a game book and is not requiring any knowledge of programming.
Instead you will find a friendly user interface to help you make your book and protect you from making mistakes.

DreamPath Storyteller is the reader and is featuring robust and unique interface to enjoy written books.


* Book Editing includes RichText
* Unlimited different paths to choose from on each page
* Rule Paths: Make the game dynamic by conditioning your paths.
* Open Paths! Challenging the player with open questions.
* Dynamic text: Changing text on gameplay.
* For more advanced books a writer can use rule paths and develop "Battle Systems" and the like.

Supported Languages

DreamPath supports most languages.

DreamPath Composer interface language is provided with the following languages:
* English

* Hebrew

* If you want to see DreamPath Composer in your language email me.


* Windows 98 and above.
* .Net framework 2.0 (downloads automaticaly when installing)
* Explorer 5.1 and above

DreamPath Composer - (28/11/08)
DreamPath Storyteller - (28/11/08)

Version 1.2.1 Available Now!
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DreamPath Storyteller Download & Screenshots

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