All the content of DrakeVision is free. However I invest alot of time on my projects and money on the website upkeep. Donations will support me and will definatly keep me updating programs and come up with new material.

Why should I donate?

What do I get from this?

Some of my projects are somewhat dynamical. I will pay extra attention to donors pleads, and will give them priority for asking which new feature I will program, I'll might even consider adding special options I didn't intended of. And more importantly, you get my gratitude :)

How much should I donate?

It's entirely up to you. All donations are gladly accepted. I should mention that:
*Donations less than 1$ will be wasted over taxes
*Bigger donors get prior attention

How do I pay?

You can donate by using PayPal account, credit card or directly from your bank account. Don't forget to mention your name and email for priority attention

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