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About me


General Info

Name: Ido Flaishon
Nickname:Stige Vecktriback
Occupation: Developer , Military Industries
Country: Israel
Email: idofle@gmail.com

A Little More

DrakeVision is a "group" including....myself only :)
Since I was a child I always wanted to design games and the like and as I grew up I found programming was the best environment to do such things. Currently I'm a soldier in the Israli miliatery force serving as a programmer. During my free time I'm still investing a bit in projects - and publish here thoes of more proffessional nature.

I have another web site about my trip to italy offering information for tourists, hopefully the site will get bigger as I will visit more countries in the years to come.

You can email me for any question, feedbacks, or features request for any project.