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Important notice to DreamPath users

DreamPath 1.3 is still on it's way and there is an issue with Backward compatibility. DreamPath 1.3 will support older files only from version If you haven't already started using the latest version I urge you to do so. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I made sure this issue would not occur againin the future again.
On the good news I already have plans for DreamPath 1.4 and let me tell you, it's going to be awesome.

July 27, 2007


General update

People ask if I'm stil working on DreamPath, and the answer is yes. However, my schedual is not as flexible as it used to be, so the DreamPath 1.3 will still take some time to be released.

April 21, 2007


DreamPath 1.3 in works

I started working on a new version. I'm not entirely sure what features I will include for the next version so I'm not going to boast. Currently I'm working on providing rules for every action and make it possible to have multiple rules for a 'rule path' or an 'action'. Stay tuned.

January 18, 2009